Did Mass Effect: Andromeda Mess up with the New Alien Races?

Spoilers ahead, read at your own peril. 

In Mass Effect: Andromeda, two new alien races are introduced, the militaristic kett and the emotional yet tough angara who the kett are in direct conflict with. The kett follow a military hiearchy that’s sort of like a religion. For example, the Archon (their

The Archon, a semi-religous autocratic military leader

leader in each theater of war) they refer to as “the Highest one.”

Next we have the angara. They’re emotional, tough, wary at first of new species and …. well they’re pretty just like humans in a lot of ways, ways that make them extremely uninteresting and boring.

 The angara are pretty alike to us in other ways, like their facial structure which resembles humans in many ways (similar bone structure over soft exterior tissue.) There speech patterns match our’s after a translation program has been established and

Boring me since 2017

 synced to your omnitool (a universal device and weapon if need be.) There government also appears to match ours with layers of beaucracy and commerce laws to regulate their exceeding small market.

The kett, on the other hand, are somewhat interesting, Mainly because of how military and religion seem mix together. While they don’t believe in any sort of higher power, they worship something called exaltation. Because all kett are sterile, they need to convert other races in order to reproduce, like they’ve been doing with the angara since they’ve arrived in the Heleus Cluster. There are many stages to leading up to exaltation, including gene testing, selection, preparation and entrancement.

while the angara may seem more realistic, there just not as exciting and interesting as the kett are. I think Bioware made a huge bumble in not working more on the angara to make them more alien and therefore more interesting to players.


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