Mass Effect: Andromeda First impressions, Day 10

Warning, cannot confirm this blog post will be spoiler free. 

After 10 days of exploring remnant vaults, destroying kett constructs, exploring the city’s on Aya and Kadara, placing on other worlds, and just generally blowing shit up on theses new worlds, I’d like to report on what else I like about ME:A and what i dislike about it.

First the plus’s:

  1. The new worlds are impressive to explore, with obviously more detail than ME1, released 10 years ago now, with massively improved textures, shaders, mesh’s and antialliasing. The Frostbite engine is still running wonderfully so far.


2. The story’s sped up a lot since I got set loose on my first open world, Eos. There was a good number of side missions on every planet so I’m busy enough. After exploring and reactivating each remnant vault on each of the 7 designated “golden world” and establish an outpost, it’ll open up new questline’s to pursue, most notably an encounter with a remant architect, a massive serpentine robot that has to be sent into orbit to make it safe for your outpost to explore and expand (you can actually find the architect you sent into orbit if you rescan the planet.)

Now let’s talk about the things that I didn’t like, Hated or just ticked me of:

  1. The stiff, rigid facial animations. This is really just when it comes to humans, actfacetiredually, but still. I mean, seriously, what happened? The animations in ME1 was way superior too what its new progeny is. I’m pretty sure the colonial director, Addison, was breaking the fourth wall when she said, “I’m sorry, my face is tired.” You think Bioware would, with 5 years to create this, would spend a little more time on this. Or maybe thats part of the story , as we’ll find out in one of the upcoming downloadable content packs. Who Knows? Maybe the kett are stealing other races facial expressions. as well as their lives. So either it was a major fail or major boon when it comes to DLC time (if you haven’t already figured it out I’m sarcastic, very sarcastic.)







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