Why I think the Witcher 3 was the greatest game ever

Okay, maybe I lied, maybe the Witcher 3 wasn’t the greatest game EVER made. It was the greatest game I’ve ever played. However, I do think it was trend setting. It raised
our expectation of open world games, as well as games as a whole. I’ve spent 620 hours now in the Witcher 3 (26 days!), Second only to Skyrim, another revolutionary game, where I’ve spent more than 1000 hours (42 days) playing. And the only reason I played Skyrim so much was 1.) it came out 4 years before Witcher 3 and 2.) it was an addictive game (and still is.)

What made the made The Witcher 3 so great wasnt any one thing so much as a fusion of different game elements that came together to
deliver something unique and very good.

  1. Graphics

Even though it was an open world game, it had incredible graphics. So much so, it often was detremwitcher3computerantal to my framerate before I upgraded (I hate running a game at anything below max settings.) Of course you don’t to run the game at max settings. Running  it at high or a mix between high and medium (water and foliage textures at medium for example.) High and ultra aren’t that different to be honest, beside the obvious lag in frame rate at higher settings.




2. Story

On top of it being an open world masterpiece, the story is excellent. Without treading into the land of spoilers, the medieval fantasy game centers around protagonist Geralt of Rivia,  a Witcher or professional monster slayer that have underwent mutations to make them superior compared to a human in every way, including living up to 4 times the average life span of most humans, immunity to diseases, ability to change their metabolism and digest chemicals that would prove fatal to humans. The last of a dying breed, Witchers are shunned from society for being “emotionless freaks.” This is based on the book series of the same name written by Andrzej Sapkowski.witcher3title


I love Gwent! It’s a card game in the witcher 3 that could be marketed as a card game in real life, and kinda has. Special editions of the witcher 3 came with  deck of gwent cards. Without going into to much detail, the objective in each round is to have more points than your opponent. Each player has two life points, each point being spent when the a player loses a round. Each player draw 10 cards at the begging of the game. Those are the only cards you can draw. There are creature cards as buffs and modifiers to make creatures stronger, weaker, etc.


4. DLC’s

The DLC/ expansion packs are equally just as good, Especially

Best haircut. Ever.

the Blood and Wine expansion packs. It’s almost a game within itself, with new massive and varied area to explore, people to meet and monsters to slay, as well as new game dynamics to refresh the normal formula



 When it comes down to it, The Witcher 3 is what I define as one of the greats in gaming. It raised our expectations what a open world, story driven game can be. It tried to excel in every department of game design and never settled. That’s something that’s very rare in gaming today. There were few caveats, mainly bugs (dumb yet hilarious glitches.)

Your (mostly) trusty steed, Roach
 but that’s overshadowed by what the game did accomplish, which is to create the game of a generation.
If you played the The Wicther 2, you know what I’m talking about

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