Violence in Video Games: No One gives crap anymore

I just want to make this clear right now so no one gets the wrong idea about this particular post I’m writing. It’s not meant to really change any one’s positions on anything, and if it does, good for you. I just want to express my opinions on the matter of video games proliferating any form: no one gives a shit anymore. Whether or not games cause or somehow contribute to committing violent acts in real life, do you think anyone is going to stop playing video games?

It seem’s (and this is just my opinion, you may not agree) that the mainstream media found the burgeoning game industry a really easy target, probably because they really couldn’t fight back at the time ( I say “at the time” because the gaming industry probably could probably retaliate now if a mainstream media outlet would ever be foolish enough to blame gaming for acts of violence now, that’s why no one does it.) 

Games in the modern age, in my eyes, don’t focus on just blindly shooting everything you see. A “good” game usually has to focus on other aspects to succeed, like a semi-engaging story, passable graphical quality, etc. If the story’s non-existent and the graphics are shit, no ones gonna play your game. In my opinion, at least.

As a last note to end on, everything I said is just my opinion, you may feel differently (though you’re probably already on my side, why else would you have clicked here in the first place?)



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