Why Won’t Call Of Duty just Die Already?

What is it with franchises that seem to live past due? The Call Of Duty franchise (often shortened to the acronym COD) has set a timer set to a countdown with a graphic and the text “Call Of Duty WW2” in big, bold letters right next to it. And what’s the first that comes to my mind, you might ask? What the fuck, really? I mean really, you’re just shitting? Because I don’t find it that amusing.

COD is really past its sell by date, in my humble opinion. like actual cod, it’s left out of for a few metaphorical day’s and has began to smell, for a lack of better word, fishy (once again metorphorically speaking. At least, I think so.) Why have do I think is so overally ripe and ought to be thrown out? A few reasons.

First, they’ve lost touch with a large swath of their fan, which is young, predomintatly male, console owners. As they’ve matured, the COD franchise hasn’t “matured” along with them. They’ve fallen out with their target audience. When Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2 came out (turn of the last decade) is when people were enthusiastic about the COD franchise. when people like me were young and foolish and had access to their parents bank accounts. But
now as we approach the turn of the next decade, I would say COD needs to do some rethinking about what it’s target now is.

Second, the COD franchise has for a long time attempted to gloss a lot of thing over instead of trying to make any real change to the game formula. They’re were a few changes to the game formula over the years, but it didn’t make up for when they made some key bumbles over the years, like in COD Ghosts (more specifically the infamous “remote control dog.”- the moment I started to rethink why I’m still playing this.)  I wouldn’t make such a big $60 every year for recycled, rebranded piece of shit garbage games. Well me and a good number of other players did for years. But no more. I’ve had enough of this this Parasitic relationship. It’s taken my money and time and in exchange its given me a few hours of campaign gameplay and a few (amusing) wallpapers. I have had enough!




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