Why Are People Crazy About VR?

People have been obsessed about virtual reality, or VR for short. For anyone any who doesn’t know what this is, (I doubt you haven’t ) it’s wear you, in short, put your head in one strange contraptions and, well, experience virtual reality. The concept is your supposed to be become completely immersed in what ever it is your doing, like, for example, playing games with it. Sony has already came out with the PS4 VR headset, the first console VR. The reception has seen startling numbers relative to its competitors.  While in term of raw numbers it gets dwarfed by the actual consoles, probably because it (PS VR) costs as much as a new console ($399 USD), it does show that this might be a new gaming trend somewhere we’ll see more of in the near future.

But what’s the actual in owning a VR, a pricy gaming one at that? Well first some general remarks:

  • It doesn’t track your eyes so the result is a somewhat shaky experience. your head tends to wander some so your eyes compensate. The Headset can only track your head so it results shaky VR experience
  • You can´t really move too far for obvious reasons, and unless you want to cough up the extra cash for a VR omni treadmill, it can be very disorientating to learn how to move in virtual reality. You have to use either your hands, or ¨VRsicknesswalk in place¨ which can be tedious
  • VR sickness. It’s like motion sickness except you not physically moving, you just feel like you are; the same symptoms of nausea, dizziness, vomiting and so forth
  • VR’s are meant for closed cinematic-like things. Its not mean’t for open world RPG’s, which happen to be my favorite genre

I don’t have a problem with VR headsets, as long as they remain niche, something that is optional not a requirement for mainstream games. I don’t want games to be just like real life. Realistic and real life are two different things and I want them to stay that way for at least the foreseeable future.


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