Gears Of War… The Movie!?

Warning: Graphic content ahead

I still can’t believe it what I just wrote, that the’re trying to make a Gears GOWmeme1of War movie. You have shitting me again. First I hear they’re making another CoD game and now I hear they’re trying to make a Gear of War movie. And this isn’t a new thing;  they’ve been trying to do this for 10 years now! The chances of this becoming a box office hit are slim (though not non existent), so I don’t why they so intent on making a movie that, more likely than not, is going to fail. Especially since universal, one of the major film studios, is possibly backing it now! You would think after years of iffy movie rating that they would (movie producers) would wise up? But no, they’re as stubborn as ever, apparently.

Enough said

They’re not even doing with a especially good franchise, story wise. If you don’t already know what the Gears franchise is story wise, your pretty much screaming and shooting everything that moves for 5 games (probably more to to come) as you do progressively gorier and more visceral execution animations with each addition to the franchise. The story gets progressively dumbed down with each iteration until you really can’t care less.

Now, I’m not saying the  Gears series is by any means a shit franchise, it’s actual quite good, just that story telling isn’t a strong point. And some video games make quite good movies, but a Gears movie shouldn’t that list.


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