Mass Effect: Andromeda First Impressions Day 1

I had my first taste of ME:A last night and so far I already have few complaint about this latest installment in what was a great trilogy. First though, Lets talk about things I did like so far.

  1. Increased number of graphics and video options to choose from. The previous trilogy was, in essence, a console port. Which is kinda true since way back in 2007, ME1 was originally an Xbox 360 exclusive. before being ported. That being said, there weren’t many things graphic wise that differed it from its console counterpart besides variable resolution and frame rate. In ME:A you have more options choose you have more options to choose when playing on PC, Including different variety’s of antiallising (softer edges on hard corners like wall edges to prevent pixels from showing), low to ultra textures on different things like rocks and grass, foliage, shadows, etc. It also provides support for ultrawide (21:9) screens, a welcome addition for people like me who own one.
  2. The gameplay is extremely smooth and fluid. This game utilizes the new Frostbite engine allowing for a smoother gameplay experience. The cover system has also been revamped. Instead of pressing the cover button to get into cover (hardcover), anytime your near cover you instantly pop into it (stickycover). This contributes to the fluidity of the gameplay.

Now for the drawbacks

  1. Once you get into the actual story, it starts off VERY slowly. Without spoiling anything, you’re seen leaving Earth, and then all of a sudden, your waking up in the outskirts of the Andromeda galaxy. The series of events is disjointed at first because your never seen seen boarding one of the Arks and going into stasis or leaving the Milky Way, even though you assumed that was what happened. There’s this huge gap in events that Bioware never addressed.

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